Hello music lovers here's our latest gig guide!


Fri   01/03/2019     9pm   Old Rectory,  Leybourne
Sat   02/03/2019   9pm    Yalding Village Club, Yalding
Fri    08/03/2019   9pm   Fountain of Ale, Sittingbourne
Sat   09/03/2019   9pm   Sunnymead Holiday Park,  Eastchurch

Fri 15/03/2019  9pm  The Westcourt, Gillingham
Sat  16/03/2019   9pm   Royal Hotel,  Sheerness
Fri   22/03/2019   9.30pm  DRUIDS,  Maidstone
Sat   23/03/2019   9pm   Albion,  Ashford
Sat   30/03/2019   9pm   Heights of Alma,  Isle Of Sheppey

Fri   05/04/2019   9pm   Gravesend Boat, Gravesend
Sat   06/04/2019  Palm Trees Holiday Park 

Fri  12/04/2019  9pm  Birchington Cub, Birchington
Sat 13/04/2019  9pm  William Harvey, Ashford
Fri   19/04/2019   9pm   Old Ash Tree , Gillingham
Sun   21/04/2019   2pm   Royal British Legion, Dymchurch

Fri 26/04/2019   9pm   The Glasshouse, Ashford
Sat   27/04/2019   9pm   Walderslade Club Walderslade

Fri   03/05/2019   9pm   Huntsman, Rochester
Sat   04/05/2019   9pm   Saddlers,  Minster, Ramsgate
Sat   11/05/2019  9pm   Bear & Ragged Staff,  Crayford
Fri   17/05/2019   9pm   Market Inn,  Faversham
Sat   18/05/2019  8.30pm   Chequers,  Sevenoaks
Fri   24/05/2019   9pm   Ypres Tavern,  Sittingbourne
Sat   25/05/2019   9pm  Dukes Head,  Dunton Green
Fri   31/05/2019   9pm   White Horse,  Maidstone

Sat   01/06/2019   Elmhurst Hol Park,  Isle Of Sheppey
Fri   14/06/2019   9.30pm   DRUIDS,  Maidstone
Sat   15/06/2019   9pm   Royal Hotel,  Sheerness

Leaving Party

Fri 12/07/2019  9pm   The Old Ash Tree, Chatham
Sat   13/07/2019   Sunnymead Holiday Park, Eastchurch

Fri 19/07/2017  9pm The Tiger Moth, Chatham
Sat 20/07/2019 1pm  Tribute on The Hill, Kings Hill
Sat   20/07/2019  9pm  Upchurch R Valley G club , Upchurch

Fri 26/07/2019  Wedding Booking
Sat  27/07/2019  9pm  Crooked Billet, Penge

Fri   02/08/2019  9pm  Golden Leas Holiday Park
Sat    03/08/2019  9pm   Beach Bar,  Minster
Fri  23/08/2019 9pm  Huntsman, Rochester
Sat  24/08/2019    Afternoon   Saddlers , Minster, Ramsgate
24/08/2019 9pm   Harps Inn, Minster-on-Sea
Sun  25/08/2019   7pm   Hook & Hatchet, Festival, Hucking
Sat  31/08/2019   Bear & Ragged Staff,  Crayford

Sat   14/09/2019  9pm Kings Arms, Offham

Sun   22/09/2019  2pm  Royal British Legion,  Dymchurch
Sat 27/09/2019  Temple Farm Club, Strood
Sat  28/09/2019  9pm  Walderslade Club,  Walderslade

Fri  18/10/2019  9pm  Five Pointed Star,  West Malling

Sat  19/10/2019   8.30pm Rifleman,  Sevenoaks
Sat  26/10/2019   Palm Trees Holiday Park,  Isle Of Sheppey

Fr i 01/11/2019   9.30pm  DRUIDS, Maidstone

Fri 08/11/2019  9pm  Market Inn, Faversham
Sat 09/11/2019  9pm The Albion, Ashford
Sa t 16/11/2019  9pm Heights of Alma,  Isle of Sheppey
Sat  23/11/2019   9pm  Yalding Village Club,  Yalding
Fri  29/11/2019   9pm   Huntsman,  Rochester
Sat  30/11/2019  9pm  Saddlers Minster, Ramsgate

Sat  14/12/2019  9pm  Bear & Ragged Staff,  Crayford

20/12/2019  9pm Tiger Moth, Chatham
Sat  21/12/2019   9pm  Beach Bar,  Minster
24/12/2019   9pm  Old Ash Tree, Chatham
28/12/2019  9pm  Glasshouse, Ashford

New Years Eve The Spitfire, Kings Hill

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